Addict. That is me. I hate to admit it, but I am. I am addicted to food, especially sugar.

I abused food and my body until I was at the highest weight in my life.  My weight caused me to be on more meds than I care to admit.  So, in December 2018, I made the decision to have weight loss surgery.

I began my weight loss surgery journey in January 2019 by starting the process of receiving health insurance approval.  I had to see my primary care physician, a dietician and a psychiatrist regularly for seven months.  Those professionals reported to my health insurance so I could be granted the surgery.

At the same time, I had to prove to that I could change my lifestyle and wouldn’t continue to abuse my body the way I had all my life.  Part of that lifestyle change included cutting out soda, sweets and chips.  You know, all those delicious things that taste amazing but are so bad for you.  I had to learn how to limit the quantity of food I was eating, how to cook the food differently, healthier.  I had to learn to say “no” to my husband when he wanted to go get ice cream.  When baking chocolate chip cookies, I couldn’t eat the raw cookie dough.  Yes, that is my favorite thing.  I also had to turn down the hot cookies right out of the oven.

In January 2019, I started all the doctor, dietician and psychiatrist visits.  Along with those visits, came the lifestyle change, which included cutting out soda, sweets and chips.

On September 5, 2019, I had gastric bypass weight loss surgery.  It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.  And yes, I would do it again.  I have lost a total of 150 pounds and 40 overall inches.  Has it been easy?  That answer would be a BIG FAT “NO!!!”  But it does get easier every single day.  I am so THANKFUL for Dr. Legrand and all his nurses and staff.  They were amazing.  Thanks to them, I will now live a longer, healthier life!

Procedure:  Gastric Sleeve
Age at time of procedure:  52
Date of procedure:  September 5, 2019
Starting weight (lbs):  357
Current weight (lbs):  198
Weight loss (lbs):  159
Health conditions improved by procedure:  diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, back pain, sleep apnea

Before and After the Weight Loss Procedure