What is non-surgical weight loss?

Just as gastric bypass, duodenal switch and gastric sleeve surgeries induce weight loss, there are also weight loss programs that do not include surgery.  Yes, many people struggling with obesity turn to non-surgical weight loss on their own only to experience very disappointing results.  The difference in Dr. LeGrand’s and Heartland Weight Loss Clinic’s non-surgical weight loss program is its methods have been proven with medical research and patients are consistently monitored for safety.  

Heartland Weight Loss Clinic’s non-surgical weight loss program includes: 

  • Reducing calorie intake using an appetite suppressant medication
  • Developing and sustaining healthy lifestyle habits through nutrition and exercise counseling 
  • Increasing metabolism and overall health with vitamin B12 injections, vitamin optimization and protein supplements
  • Monitoring progress with muscle, water and fat composition measurements
  • Adjusting the program to meet the participant’s needs
  • Maintain weight loss for the long term

Some insurance plans require that patients attempt a non-surgical weight loss program prior to receiving a surgical weight loss procedure.  Many patients resort to a non-surgical weight loss program because they are uncomfortable with the idea of having a surgery.  Almost all Heartland Weight Loss Clinic surgical patients are required to follow portions, if not all of, its non-surgical weight loss program.  When paired together, surgery and a weight loss program increase a patient’s success and help them maintain their new, healthy lifestyle.  Regardless of which type of patient you are, Heartland Weight Loss Clinic’s team be accessible and supportive through your weight loss journey.

Do you think DNA analysis can help identify hurdles in reaching your health goals?

Our health coach uses science to identify and modify obstacles that make it harder to reach your weight loss goals.

What two non-surgical weight loss services does Heartland Weight Loss Clinic provide?

Heartland Weight Loss Clinic offers two types of non-surgical weight loss programs, a medically guided program and health coaching.  Many people struggling with obesity have attempted weight loss on their own only to experience very disappointing results.  The difference in Heartland Weight Loss Clinic’s non-surgical weight loss programs is that their methods have been proven with medical research, they’re customized for individual patients and all participants are consistently monitored for safety.

Non-surgical Weight Loss Solutions

Surgery isn’t the solution for everyone especially those with lower BMIs and those who want to avoid surgical risks.


Ideal Participants


Healthcare Providers Needed

Program Enhancements



A more affordable, lower risk weight loss option that is monitored by a physician and nurse practitioner.

An option for patients who have bmi of 27 or higher

Are averse to surgery risks

Whose insurance requires completing a non-surgical program to be approved for surgery

Appetite suppressant to reduce calorie intake

Vitamin b12 injections, vitamin optimization, protein supplements to increase metabolism and overall health

Monitor progress with muscle, water and fat composition measurements

Customized to meet participant’s needs

Aid in developing and sustaining health lifestyle habits for long-term weight loss maintenance

Physician, nurse practitioner and registered dietician

May add a health coach for additional support

Insurance policies may assist in payment and/or require for surgical patients

Self-pay also available


Can be added to any medically guided or surgical weight loss journey for additional support.  It’s also available to people of all fitness levels to lose a few pounds or improve their overall health.

An option for people of all fitness levels including those who want to lose a few pounds

Those interested in simply improving their health

Would like additional support through medically guided weight loss programs or surgery

We’re the only practice in the area to use DNA analysis in determining sensitivity to fats and carbs

Customized meal and exercise plans are provided even if DNA analysis is not chosen, but DNA analysis allows for more specific recommendations based on a participant’s sensitivity to fats and carbohydrates.

Services attained through in-person or virtual visits

Develop and sustain healthy lifestyle habits for long-term weight loss maintenance

Ideal for people of all fitness levels; want to lose a few pounds, get healthier, medically guided weight loss patients, weight loss surgery patients before and after procedure

Physician or nurse practitioner for initial consult then supervised by health coach for the duration

Only self-pay available

What are the advantages of non-surgical weight loss programs?

Medically guided weight loss programs carry several advantages over surgery including:


Are customized according to the patient’s needs and focus on their safety.

Less Hunger

Appetite-suppressant medications may not be necessary long-term.


May be more affordable.

Fewer Risks

Carry lower risks than surgical weight loss.

Long-term Success

Promote a long-term healthy lifestyle by building positive habits.

No Surgery

Avoid surgery-related infections.

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your weight loss goals?

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Who makes a good candidate for non-surgical weight loss including appetite suppressants?

Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Individuals with BMI of at least 30
  • Individuals with a BMI higher than 27 and with a serious medical condition such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Individuals who have never attempted a medically guided weight loss program
  • Individuals preparing for a surgical weight loss procedure to satisfy insurance requirements or begin adopting a healthier lifestyle before resorting to surgery

Overall Health

Patients must be able to tolerate appetite suppressant medications and/or exercise; although, Heartland Weight Loss Clinic’s team will prescribe both according to the patient’s ability and progress made.

Commitment to Diet Maintenance

Our dietician can help you follow a plan that meets your dietary requirements and maximizes nutrition.

  • Chew everything well before swallowing. Begin this practice even before surgery. You will become a more mindful eater through this healthy habit.
  • Consume your food and drink separately. Extra fluid with food will make you feel full too fast and prevent you from getting proper nutrition.
  • Drink a liquid 30 minutes before each meal. Hydration is vital to good health. You would normally get a substantial amount of liquid from the foods you eat. As you food intake is reduced, you still need to be mindful about getting adequate water for healthy kidneys, liver, skin and every part of your body.
  • Avoid calorie-packed foods and drinks that have little nutritional value. You need to ensure the foods you eat will deliver the nutrition your body needs, and your restricted calories may not leave much room for anything else.

Moderators vs. Abstainers

Moderators are able to very occasionally and selectively have junk food. If you have trouble moderating, you should become an abstainer. You will be more successful abstaining completely because once you get a taste of foods low in nutritional value, you will have trouble stopping. Make a commitment to yourself and your health. Avoid buying things you shouldn’t eat or drink. Start these techniques before surgery to keep your weight loss commitment.

Commitment to Exercise

Exercise is important to achieving non-surgical weight loss success. Exercising three or more times per week is highly recommended. Find various activities you enjoy so you remain engaged. You will notice exercise and all activities will get easier as you lose weight.

Willingness to Take Nutritional Supplements

Taking multiple vitamin and mineral supplements the rest of your life will become necessary as your body changes. Recommended supplements include a multi-vitamin, calcium and vitamin B12 to maintain your energy and expand your metabolism.

Psychological Readiness and Support

Physical changes aren’t the only effects you will experience through non-surgical weight loss. You will notice psychological effects, too. For example, if overeating was your common response to stress, continuing to do so will deter your weight loss. Surround yourself with people who support you in making your health a priority.

Are Semaglutide injections available as a non-surgical weight loss plans?

Weight Loss Injection Pricing

Length of Plan

Covered by Insurance

Services Included with Injections


Starts at $59/mo* + $55 Initial Visit Cost

Month to Month

Most insurance plans do not cover weight loss injections.

In-office consultation and monitoring by a healthcare professional throughout series.


$1,000 for 3-Month Series

Required 3-Month Commitment

Most insurance plans to not cover 

weight loss injections.

Services may vary

*Cost based on lowest dosage and can go up based on dosage needs.

Yes, we offer Semaglutide as a non-surgical weight loss plan. Our series of injections costs much less compared to what other practices charge. Once the initial three months of injections have been administered, pricing is subject to change. Semaglutide is administered once a week. Each consecutive dose is increased until the maintenance dose is reached nine to sixteen weeks into the series. Some patients do not experience weight loss until six to eight weeks of injections are received.

Semaglutide is a modified GLP1 molecule that our bodies make.  When administered, it reduces appetite, blood sugars and food cravings yet leaving the patient feeling full.  The feeling of fullness causes patients to consume less food leading to weight loss, shrinking waist measurements, decreased blood pressure, lower blood sugars and reduced inflammation.

Semaglutide was originally developed as a diabetic medication branded as Ozempic®.  Later, it was discovered to help people lose weight when administered in higher doses.  The medication is referred to as Semaglutide when administered for weight loss.   

Our non-surgical weight loss patients using Semaglutide have appreciated:

Heartland Weight Loss Clinic’s pricing is a fraction of the cost charged at other places

Medication and clinic visits are included in the pricing

No contract required, only pay for the doses received

Appetite management that makes diet and exercise changes more productive

*Semaglutide and non-surgical weight loss results vary by patient.

Are Biotin injections available with non-surgical weight loss plans?

Yes, we offer Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7 or H) injections. Many of our surgical and non-surgical weight loss patients take Biotin to promote hair growth. They experience noticeable improvements not only in their overall hair growth but also how healthy their hair becomes. Biotin injections can be given without participating in a surgical or nonsurgical weight loss program.

Biotin has also been associated with weight loss by increasing patients’ metabolism. For that reason, some patients choose to pair it with other weight loss medications.

Are Vitamin B12 injections available with non-surgical weight loss plans?

We have offered Vitamin B12 injections with our non-surgical weight loss plans since opening in January 2021. We recommend that patients pair Vitamin B12 injections with an appetite suppressant to reduce calorie intake and following a customized nutrition and fitness plan for optimal results.

What are Mega-Burn injections?

Mega-Burn features a number of vitamins that help patients metabolize carbohydrates and fats. The vitamins it offers are methionine, inositol, choline, B-complex vitamins (B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-9) along with L-carnitine and Vitamin C. These vitamins and nutrients promote breakdown of stored vat, decreased fat cell production while detoxifying the liver and lowering cholesterol levels. Mega-Burn has also been associated with increased energy levels, muscle gain, reduced appetite and boosting patient immunity.

Are Mega-Burn injections offered as a non-surgical weight loss plan?

Yes, we offer Mega-Burn injections alone and paired with phentermine and other weight loss medications for enhanced weight loss.

What role does Vitamin B12 play in weight management?

When paired with a healthy nutrition and exercise plan, Vitamin B12 injections can aid patients in managing their weight.  Vitamin B12 is known to raise energy levels, increase mental focus, improve sleep, boost moods and power the immune system.  All of these improvements may encourage increased physical stamina.  When a patient has more stamina for exercise and daily activities, they are more likely to reach their weight loss goals.

Considering Non-Surgical Weight Loss to help achieve your lifestyle goals?