$9,999 Self-Pay Gastric Sleeve and Financing

Heartland Weight Loss Clinic is pleased to offer all-inclusive self-pay gastric sleeve weight loss surgery for just $9,999.  That price includes the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia and the same-day surgery facility fee.  Travel and lodging expenses are not included for patients traveling to Cape Girardeau, Mo.  To make it even more attainable to patients, gastric sleeve surgery can be financed using CareCredit or United Medical Care.

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What is included in the $9,999 all-inclusive self-pay gastric sleeve price?

Surgeon fee including one year of post-op visits


Same-day surgery facility fee

Travel and lodging expenses are not included for patients traveling to Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

The $9,999 all-inclusive gastric sleeve self-pay option is ideal for patients:

Without Insurance

Who do not have health insurance coverage.

With Limited Coverage

Whose health insurance does not cover weight loss surgery.

Avoiding Pre-Op Obstacles

Who want to avoid pre-op obstacles required by health insurance plans.

Avoiding Wait Periods

Who want to avoid the pre-op wait period set by health insurance plans.

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Which is more affordable, my healthcare expenses related to being obese or gastric sleeve surgery?

Obesity can cause multiple health issues that can become expensive to treat.  By losing weight, a patient may be able to reverse their health conditions and improve their overall health.  A patient’s healthcare expenses and pharmaceutical costs may then be reduced or eliminated.   Let’s use diabetes and high blood pressure treatments as examples.

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Why is it dangerous to have gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in another country?

Inadequate Health Care Standards

The standard of care and health care regulations are not the same in other countries as in the United States.

Health Risks Associated with Post-Op Travel

Returning home from a foreign country after the gastric sleeve procedure requires a plane ride home.  Sitting in a restricted space for extended periods of time is uncomfortable and could cause blood clots.

Inconsistent Post-Op Care

Patients need post-op care.  Travelling back to a foreign country is not practical.  Optimal care is provided when a physician understands a patient’s health history before surgery, performs the procedure and follows up with post-op care.

Added Travel Expenses

Travel expenses make foreign procedure prices less affordable.

Convenient Financing Options Are Available

Heartland Weight Loss Clinic also offers convenient financing options through CareCredit and United Medical Credit.  You can begin the approval process by applying online now.

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Considering gastric sleeve surgery to help achieve your lifestyle goals?