New Year’s Resolutions

So, the list of things that we hope will change with a new year are endless especially this past year.  The year 2020 is practically a punchline all its own.  But as we look back to this same time in 2019, when everyone still thought “Corona” was just a beer, it’s easy to realize people are always hoping for a positive change in themselves.  

For example, posted a list of the most common New Year’s resolutions back on January 2, 2020.  When asked, “Which, if any, of the following New Year’s resolutions do you plan to make for 2020?  Please select all that apply.  (% of US adults who intend to make resolutions).”  These responses were collected:

  1. Exercise more (50%)
  2. Save money (49%)
  3. Eat more healthily (43%)
  4. Lose weight (37%)
  5. Reduce stress (34%)
  6. Get more sleep (30%)
  7. Stick to a budget (30%)
  8. Focus on my spiritual growth (28%)
  9. Travel more (25%)
  10. Learn a new skill (25%)

Most of this list involves personal improvement and growth.  Numbers 1, 3 and 4 hit pretty close to home here at Heartland Weight Loss Clinic.  You have to wonder how anyone with those resolutions held up during the economic shut down last spring.  If they didn’t stick to their resolution, was it because they were distanced from the people who support and encourage them?  Were their finances impacted during the pandemic, which took their focus away from improving their health?

Yes, COVID presented a lot of challenges to everyone including the medical community and how it serves patients.  I think we all have a better understanding of how to safely care for people under these circumstances.  

I have a message to anyone who abandoned their health and weight loss resolutions in 2020.  Please consider making us a partner in achieving your 2021 resolution.  Our help doesn’t have to involve surgery.  We can medically guide you to your weight loss goals with a non-surgical program.  

Don’t wait until this blog post is a year old.  Make 2021 better than 2020 in as many ways possible.

Photo by from Pexels