We’ve all seen them.  Those highly publicized weight loss program television commercials that show impressive before-and-after comparisons.  The advertisements make it sound so easy, “Lose ‘X’ pounds in only ‘X’ days.”  The topic of how that weight loss is achieved so quickly is never addressed.  Those programs typically sell branded meal plans and apps filled with generic advice about diet and exercise while sending participants to go at it alone.  So, what makes a medically guided weight loss program different?  

By definition, medically guided weight loss is the process of losing weight with the help and guidance of a healthcare professional(s), typically a physician.  The physician has a hand in every component of the program and provides continuous follow ups and consultations.  It’s quite opposite of handing participants a few branded tools and leaving them to survive on their own.  

Physician participation starts with identifying and treating medical barriers that may be preventing the participant from losing weight in the first place.  From that point, a customized plan is developed to address and work through those barriers.  Medications, nutrition advice and exercise consultations follow that lead.  As the participant makes progress, or not, the physician monitors and adjusts the plan accordingly.  

Here’s another big difference.  Some insurance plans require that individuals who are interested in weight loss surgery to complete a medically guided weight loss program before approving the procedure.  Insurance companies do not view the weight loss programs you see on television as adequate substitutes because a physician is not involved in them.

Heartland Weight Loss Clinic offers medically guided weight loss programs, not just to individuals interested in weight loss surgery, but also people seeking a physician’s help to lose weight and reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more.  Our programs focus on:

  • Reducing calorie intake using an appetite suppressant medication
  • Developing and sustaining healthy lifestyle habits through nutrition and exercise counseling 
  • Increasing metabolism and overall health with vitamin B12 injections, vitamin optimization and protein supplements
  • Monitoring progress with muscle, water and fat composition measurements
  • Adjusting the program to meet the participant’s needs 
  • Maintain weight loss for the long term

No one should feel as if they must take their weight loss journey alone.  A medical program, like those offered at Heartland Weight Loss Clinic, comes with support, experience and customizations that will improve the chance of success because everyone should have their own before-and-after experience to enjoy.

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