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Customized Weight Loss Programs

Surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs are customized according to patient needs.

Convenient Surgery Locations

Inpatient and outpatient facilities are conveniently available according to patient needs.

Flexible Payment

Many insurance providers and plans will help with medical weight loss and surgical expenses.


Available to people of all fitness levels.  Can be paired with other surgical and non-surgical services.

Patients Are Telling Us

Why they chose Heartland Weight Loss Clinic over other full-service weight loss practices.

Patients have come from nine hours away to choose Heartland Weight Loss Clinic over other weight loss practices and bariatric surgeons. Here are their reasons why.

On-Call Physician Access

Dr. LeGrand personally handles after-hours emergencies for his patients. Other clinics and hospitals have groups of surgeons that share on-call duties, which means patients with emergent needs might not be treated by the surgeon who performed their initial procedure.

Privately Owned

As a privately-owned and operated weight-loss practice, Heartland Weight Loss clinic gives patients more, affordable surgery site options. By contrast, clinics owned by healthcare systems are often limited to using a specific hospital.

Relationship Driven Clinic

Our clinic is large enough to provide patients a variety of in-office services such as dietician visits and transnasal endoscopies, but it’s small enough that patients and team members get to know each other personally. These relationships create a warm and inviting environment.

On-Site Dieticians

Dieticians work on-site at Heartland Weight Loss Clinic. Patients do not have to contact an outside clinic to complete insurance-required visits. Direct access to dieticians helps fast track patients to surgery.

Physician-Led Visits

Dr. LeGrand sees his patients during at least one pre-surgery office visit, their one-week post-op office visit and more often in some cases.  Some surgeons wait to meet their patients at the surgery site shortly before surgery.

In-Office Endoscopies

Transnasal endoscopies are conducted in the clinic as a fast, five-minute procedure.  Sedation is not necessary eliminating the need for a driver.  Receiving an in-office endoscopy is also more affordable than hospital and surgery center options.


Non-surgical weight loss methods

Semaglutide Injections Available

Semaglutide is offered as a non-surgical weight loss method.  Our initial three-month series costs $386 vs. $1,000 at other places.

Health Coach Services Now Available

DNA-Driven Meal and Exercise Plans

Health Coach Kristi Ewasko has joined the Heartland Weight Loss Clinic team. Kristi can utilize DNA analysis to customize meal and exercise plans for patients of all health and fitness levels. In-person and virtual support options are available.


Our Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

Find the Right Solution for You

Choosing a weight loss strategy is a big decision. Feel free to compare our services on your own, or reach out to our team. We’re here to serve you.

Weight Loss (% of excess body weight)

Timing of Weight Loss

Cures Type 2 Diabetes (rate of incidence)

Cures High Blood Pressure (rate of incidence)

Covered by Insurance

Duration of Operation

Days in Hospital

Risk on Day of Surgery

Return to Work

Dumping Syndrome

Follow Up Appointments the First Year

Follow Up Appointments Following Years

Hardware Left Behind

Date of First Procedure


65% - 80%

12-18 Months




45 Minutes

None to 1 Day

Medium (maybe lower than gastric bypass)

0 - 1 Week


Approximately 5

1 Annually




70% - 80%

12-18 Months




75 Minutes

2 Days


1 - 3 Weeks


Approximately 5

1 Annually




70% - 100%

First 6 Months




2-3 Hours

1-3 Days


1 Week


Approximately 4

1-2 Annually



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